Learning More and Submitting an Application

#1: Questions and Visiting Frog Song

The home is available to view by appointment. Prospective households should read through this entire website—including the information below—and then contact David Ergo (the trustee of the trust that owns this property) with further questions and to schedule an appointment to visit the community. You may contact David via email at FrogSong14@sonic.net (please do not use other email addresses or phone numbers when contacting David).

The residents of Frog Song value their privacy; please do not visit the community without an appointment.

Ideally, all interested households should also attend a community meal and/or meeting to get a greater sense of the community.

#2: Submitting an Application and Your Letter of Interest

Once you’ve visited the community and would like to continue with the process, you’ll be sent an application and instructions for obtaining your credit report.

In addition, please submit via email a “Letter of Interest” in living in the community, including answers to these questions:

About This Home:
1) How many people are in your household?
2) What is your timeline for moving?
3) Are there any financial issues that we should be aware of?

About Community:
4) What experience do you have with living in community? With cohousing (are you familiar with the contents of the book, Creating Cohousing, by Mccamant and Durrett)?
5) What experience, if any, do you have with consensus-based decision-making processes?

(Regarding #4 and #5, It’s okay if you haven’t had any experience with community or consensus, but it would be helpful to know that ahead of time.)

6) For those familiar with Frog Song, what attracts you to this particular community?
7) As part of both getting work done and, more importantly, continuing to create a sense of cohesion and community between our neighbors, each able-bodied adult resident at Frog Song commits to at least these four things:

  • Helping to cook meals as part of a cook team (you’re actually not required to attend all common meals—just the ones you want—but each adult is expected to help on a three-person cook team once a month),
  • Participating in monthly meetings,
  • Serving on at least one committee, and
  • Participating in workdays (one “mini” workday each quarter, and one “landscape day” three to four times a year).

What hopes (and perhaps concerns) do you have regarding these activities? What issues do you foresee regarding the time commitment of these activities?

8) In addition to the commitments of #5 above, what else do you hope to offer or give to the community?
9) What do you hope to receive?
10) Is there anything else you would like to share about yourself or your household?

The Next Step

Once you’ve read through this website—and it would be good to check out the links to the Frog Song Community website (http://cotaticohousing.org) and the Coho US site (http://www.cohousing.org)—let David know of your interest via email at frogsong14@sonic.net. Applications will be sent out to each household once they’ve visited the community.